Our Safety Process

The safety of our products is very important to us, in fact, nothing matters more to us than your peace of mind. We want you to feel comfortable and confident that every Natralogic product you use during pregnancy is safe, effective, and of the highest quality. To ensure this, we conduct a variety of tests to verify the safety and effectiveness of our products using certified independent laboratories.


Natralogic Image Safety AssessmentsAll of our products are independently assessed for their safety by a cosmetic safety assessor. The assessment determines if a product is safe for use and whether it complies with the European Union (EU) laws and regulations on cosmetics. These tests are conducted by a qualified professional who takes into account the general toxicological profile, chemical structure and level of exposure of each ingredient; the specific exposure characteristics of the areas on which the cosmetic product will be applied; and the exposure characteristics of the class of individuals for whom the cosmetic product is intended. Modern test procedures use Predictive Toxicology which is a more rapid and cost-effective means of reliably assessing toxicity of chemicals without the use of animal testing, thus no animals are harmed in the assessments. Every product on the EU market launched on or after 11 July 2013 must be assessed by a safety assessor. Although mandatory in the EU, the safety of cosmetics do not need to be assessed in South Africa. All Natralogic products have been approved by a safety assessor and comply with EU Cosmetic Regulations (EC 1223/2009).


Natralogic Image Preservative Efficacy TestingCosmetic and personal care products require preservation to prevent microbial growth and spoiling which can cause a plethora of skin ailments such as infection, irritation and dermatitis. The ability of a preservative system to protect the product from microbial growth is assessed by preservative efficacy testing or the microbial challenge test. The test is also useful in determining the minimum effective concentration of preservative required to prevent spoilage. Ultimately, preservative efficacy testing ensures the safety of cosmetic and personal care products throughout their shelf lives. As with the safety assessments, preservative efficacy testing is mandatory in the EU but not in South Africa. Natralogic uses safe and natural preservatives at the lowest effective concentration to ensure the safety of our products by preventing contamination by micro-organisms during use. We have selected preservatives that are certified natural and safe by the ECOCERT Standard. All of our products have successfully passed the preservative efficacy test.


Natralogic Image Stability TestingStability testing assesses the chemical, microbial and physical stability of the products under normal conditions of use. The test assesses whether the quality, functionality and aesthetics, when stored under appropriate conditions, are maintained at a level that should be expected of the product. Stability tests can be conducted in real time or under accelerated conditions and should address the stability of a product under appropriate conditions of storage, transport and use. The results of the stability testing is used to determine the shelf life of the product. Although not mandatory, the stability testing of cosmetic and personal care products is a necessity for any cosmetic manufacturer to guarantee the visual, functional, toxicological and olfactory stability of the product. All Natralogic products have successfully passed the stability tests.


Natralogic Image Irritancy Patch TestingPatch testing is a way of identifying whether a substance that comes in contact with the skin is causing inflammation of the skin (contact dermatitis). The response tends to be universal (produces a reaction in most individuals) and depends on the strength and duration of exposure. In this type of test, products are applied to a panel of approximately 20 human subjects under an occluded patch, usually on the back, and graded daily for up to 21 days. A known irritant and a non-irritant are run as controls. The clinical observation of the effects is carried out by a Dermatologist after withdrawal of the patch. The ranking of the irritant potential is assessed according to a determined numerical scale depending on the irritation observed; ranking varies between: Not irritant, Very Slightly Irritant, Slightly Irritant, Moderately Irritant, Irritant and Very Irritant. All Natralogic products dermatologically approved and have been certified as a Non-Irritants, meaning that there is very little chance of them causing an inflammatory response in the skin, making them safe to use on the majority of skin types.