Our Eco Values

We are not just passionate about making our customer’s look and feel great, we also believe in products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits, while at the same time protecting public health and the environment. Listed below are some of our Eco values:


Natralogic BiodegrabableBiodegradable: Synthetic cosmetic products are the largest class of emerging pollutants because they are continually released into the aquatic environment. Their ecological and environmental impact is associated with the large amounts used and with the fact that they are environmentally persistent, bioactive, able to bioaccumulate, and even react with other pollutants to originate new unpredictable contaminants. Environmental emerging pollutants of particular concern include UV filters, some preservatives (parabens, triclosan), BHT, pthalates and microplastics. Natralogic minimises the use of hazardous substances and substances that may be harmful to the aquatic environment. Substances contained in our products are also highly biodegradable, so they are less damaging when they flow into the waste water system.

Natralogic Grey Water SafeGrey Water Safe: South Africans are no strangers to drought and water restrictions, and every drop is precious. Many households are now using ‘grey water’ (i.e. waste-water from non-toilet plumbing systems such as hand basins, washing machines, showers, baths and kitchen sinks) to help keep their lawns and gardens alive. For this to succeed, you need to ensure that the cosmetics, washing detergents and household cleaners you choose to buy are ‘grey water friendly’ and don’t contain harsh chemicals, bleaches, disinfectants, or phosphates which will potentially kill the very plants you’re trying to take care of. Because of the gentle, plant-based nature of our products, any water waste generated after using our products will not harm or cause build up on your plants and gardens. We also do not use any ingredients that can be harmful to plants, such as Sodium, Chlorine, and Boron.

Natralogic Image Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil Natralogic Image Free Trade Shea Butter

Natralogic Roundtable Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO): Palm oil is a versatile raw material used in a variety of food and cosmetics products. Due to the high demand for palm oil, its production and use are a significant cause of tropical deforestation and peatland depletion, which can result in the loss of natural habitats for endangered species, and also has known human rights issues. Although more than 80 percent of palm oil is used for food products, a lot is also used in the natural oils found in many personal care products. In a bid to preserve our tropical forests, the majority of our products are completely palm oil free, but in the instance where absolutely necessary, only RSPO certified sustainable palm oil and palm oil derivatives are used. The RSPO has developed a set of environmental and social criteria which companies must comply with to produce Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

Natralogic Fairtrade InternationalFairtrade: Wherever possible, Natralogic only uses fairly traded ingredients. Fairtrade promotes more equitable terms of trade in the farming sector by ensuring that small-scale farmers receive a fair price for their crops. This alternative approach to conventional trade improves and stabilizes the basic existence of farmers and their workers. Our supplier of Shea Butter has joined forces with the Ghanaian Women’s Project who have developed an environmentally friendly, socially equal and sustainable model to supply Shea Butter. Through highly professional logistics, this model now allows thousands of Ghanaian women to find a global market for the thousands of tons of high-quality hand-crafted Shea Butter they produce. Financial support has drastically increased to these communities and projects that are protecting some of the last remaining biodiversity-rich areas of the West African Savannah.


Natralogic Recyclable PETNatralogic Recyclable LDPEAll of our bottles are made using Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, which is free from Bisphenol A (BPA) and complies with food grade standards. PET is an incredibly sophisticated plastic most commonly used to manufacture bottled water and cool drink packaging. As a raw material, PET is globally recognized as a safe, non-toxic, strong, lightweight, flexible material that is 100% recyclable. In fact, it’s the most widely recycled plastic in the world! Virtually all municipal recycling programs in South Africa accept PET packaging. New products made from recycled PET plastic require 30% less energy to produce than that of products made from virgin PET plastic. Recycled PET can also be made into fiber for carpets; fabric for clothing; fiberfill for sleeping bags, winter coats, and dog beds; industrial strapping; sheet and thermoformed packaging; and automotive parts such as headliners, bumpers, and door panels. Our tubes are manufactured using Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic. LDPE is recyclable and is used to produce a wide range of products such as rubbish bags, floor tiles, paneling, furniture, compost bins, rubbish bins and a large number of other smaller packaging items.

Natralogic Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)Our cartons and catalogues are made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. The FSC is an international non-profit multi-stakeholder organization established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s forests. They have developed the most recognized scheme for sustainable forestry and traceability of forest products, and consult with a global network of environmental, social, and economic members to ensure that forest standards represent everyone’s needs, from Indigenous Peoples to endangered animal species. This offers customers around the world the ability to choose products from socially and environmentally responsible forestry. Our cartons are also designed to be exceptionally lightweight, thus fewer raw materials are used in its manufacturing process. With a lower material weight, waste disposal costs are lower, thereby reducing the environmental impact of the product throughout its entire production life cycle.


Natralogic Beauty Without CrueltyNatralogic Vegan SocietyWe’re not just nature lovers but animal lovers as well. All Natralogic products and the ingredients used have been certified by Beauty without Cruelty to be animal friendly. We test our cosmetics on ourselves, never on animals. Our products are accredited by the International Vegan Society as they are free of animal products and by-products. The only exception thereto is the Natralogic Nipple Crème which contains lanolin, a product derived from the fleece of sheep. While no harm comes to the sheep in extracting the lanolin, it is however classified as an animal by-product and is not suitable for vegans, but can be used by vegetarians.