The Best Skincare Ingredients for Cellulite Reduction

Cosmetics are among the most commonly used non-invasive techniques to reduce the unwanted appearance of cellulite. The presumed therapeutic effect of these ingredients is through the lipolysis of the adipose tissue (the breakdown of fatty tissue), the stimulation of microcirculation to facilitate lymphatic drainage, and the reduction of edema (water retention and swelling). 


Alkaloids, like caffeine and coffee, are used because of their suggested effect on adipocyte lipolysis (fatty tissue breakdown) i.e. when caffeine is applied topically, it can actually work to reduce the fat content within the cells. Caffeine also interferes with the activity of a specific enzyme within the cell known as phosphodiesterase, which is normally responsible for preventing the breakdown of body fat. By inhibiting phosphodiesterase, caffeine helps the body to burn off the deposits of fatty tissue that cause cellulite. Lastly, caffeine is able to increase the levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) which further accelerates the fat breaking process.

Retinol increases the body’s production of collagen to improve skin thickness and tensile properties of cellulite skin. Although a good ingredient for use against cellulite, retinol is not recommended for use during pregnancy. 

Botanicals, such as Centella asiatica and Schinus terebinthifolius seeds not only to slow lipogenesis and activate lipolysis, but also to act as antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects.

Centella asiatica normalizes the metabolism occurring in the cells of the connective tissue, shows anti-inflammatory and draining activity, and regulates microcirculation. Studies have clearly shown a beneficial effect of the centella asiatica extract on inhibiting the progression of cellulite and a significant improvement in the skin condition in 85% of the experiment participants.

Schinus terebinthifolius seeds (Pink PepperSlim) is said to have two modes of lipolytic action. First, it possesses pre-lipolytic action which stops the transformation of small lipid droplets into larger ones. Small lipid droplets are easier for lipases to burn than large ones, making them easier to metabolize.  Because the fat reserves are more accessible with the use of the active, lipolysis is more effective. This is the second mode of lipolytic action, which decrease the cellular production of fat storage. This fat burning action is complemented by an activation of microcirculation, thus favouring the elimination of wastes.

Due to its pre-lipolytic action, this concentrated active optimises its effects and metabolises up to 1000% more fatty acids. The powerful lipolytic activity generates size reductions in men and women of up to 2 cm in 28 days. Pink PepperSlim displays greater lipolytic effectiveness than reference molecules, as shown in the image below.

Natralogic Infographic Pink PepperSlim Release of Fatty Acids

Lastly, studies have shown that Pink PepperSlim activates microcirculation by 16% after 1 hour without any vasodilation.


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Our Toning Massage Oil has been scientifically designed to tone, firm and restore moisture to the skin during and after pregnancy. The concentrated blend of natural oils and active ingredients, including Pink PepperSlim, work synergistically to shape body contours, reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve microcirculation of waterlogged tissues.   

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Lauren Lamont - Natralogic Founder
MSc Chemistry, Dip.Cos.Sci (SA)

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