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According to an Environmental Working Group (EWG) survey, the average women uses 12 personal care products per day, exposing herself to more than 168 chemicals, of which less than 20% have been assessed for safety. So we just don’t know what they do to us when we use them. Would you fly with an airline that only inspects 20% of their planes? Probably not! 

Of course not all of these chemicals are dangerous, but some are know carcinogens, which cause cancer, and other are known human mutagens, which cause all kinds of genetic defects. The big personal care companies say that the doses of these toxic chemicals are small enough to be harmless, but they don’t take into consideration that their products are being used every day, and being combined with other products just as bad as theirs. In reality it is like one giant experiment and we are all just waiting to see what happens....


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Natralogic The Story of Cosmetics

The Story of Cosmetics

The Story of Cosmetics examines the pervasive use of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal care products, from lipstick to baby shampoo. This seven-minute documentary reveals the implications of these toxic chemicals for consumers and the environment, and outlines ways we can move the industry away from hazardous chemicals and towards safer alternatives.

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